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I come from a long line of travelers. My Great Grandfather, L. B. Leach, went around the world 7 times with a steamer trunk. As a child, I would look at the mementos he brought back from his travels, kept in a cabinet at my Grandfather‘s home: a petrified peach from Pompeii, bull rushes gathered from the shore where Moses was set afloat as a baby, castanets from Seville, and more.

My maternal grandparents packed a variety of luggage, including hatboxes, and rode the train from Los Angeles to New York, cruising to Europe almost every other year. They were gone for three months at a stretch, driving and riding the train around the continent. The slides, stories and souvenirs they returned with seemed magical to a little girl.

I’ve planned and sold travel for clients, mapped adventures for family and friends, trained and managed numerous travel professionals, and taken many trips. For me and my children, our big blue suitcase has seen us through vacations in Tahiti, cruises to Alaska, European adventures and the Mexican Riviera.

The world is a wonderful place, no matter what type of luggage you take with you or how you travel. My wish is to continue to learn something new with every trip I take and to inspire others to do the same.

- Julie Harpigny

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