What is Travel About?

What makes you want to get up and leave the comfort of your own home to go someplace new?  Why do you endure the moderate agony of packing your suitcase, … Continue Reading →


Souvenir Shopping

Souvenir: a French word meaning an object that recalls a certain place, occasion or person. Most folks enjoy bringing home souvenirs from their vacations.  I am not a big shopper … Continue Reading →


Provence Part One – Arles

When you think of Provence, what springs to mind? Lavender fields, olives, light, color, the mistral? Peter Mayle and his book (A Year in Provence)?  The Romans?  All of the … Continue Reading →


Win! Win! Win!

Do you believe that anyone wins those contests you see on line and in magazines?  Win a cruise! Win a trip to Mexico! Win a Disney vacation! I can answer … Continue Reading →


Top 10 Travel Resolutions for 2014

10.  Learn a few words in the language of your anticipated destination:  hello, thank you, excuse me.  You’ll be surprised how far your efforts to speak in the ‘native’ language … Continue Reading →