Bora Bora

Many years ago, approximately 25, I took my first trip out of the country by myself.  My kids had gone to visit their grandparents in Belgium, and the house was … Continue Reading →


Top 10 Travel Resolutions for 2014

10.  Learn a few words in the language of your anticipated destination:  hello, thank you, excuse me.  You’ll be surprised how far your efforts to speak in the ‘native’ language … Continue Reading →


Have a Seat

It is easy to exhaust yourself  with a frenzy of must-see, must-do activities when you travel.  I’m a firm believer in taking some time to simply find a bench, sit … Continue Reading →



I received a flyer in the mail the other day advertising a Princess cruise departing from Los Angeles.  Lead in per-person price: $199.  Is this for real or too good … Continue Reading →

Nice, Train Station

Group Travel or Solo?

Group tours are popular options for folks who are heading off to somewhere they’ve never been.  Many people are more comfortable traveling in a group when they are venturing out … Continue Reading →